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BlackBerry for Business

BlackBerry from Ocean Telecom, everything you need to do better business on the move

BlackBerry Software gives you everything you need to unchain yourself from the office and take your business out to your customers. It’s the only genuinely end-to-end mobile solution available – the hardware, software and third-party applications all run on the same secure and tested platform which means you don’t get annoying conflicts, just a seamless mobile business experience.

BlackBerry® smartphone benefits

BlackBerry smartphones link you to your office when you’re out doing business. They combine everything you need from a business mobile phone with secure wireless email, calendar and contacts, plus always-on access to the web and lots of useful business apps. With a BlackBerry smartphone you can:

* View and edit popular document formats like PDF and Microsoft Office
* Browse websites and intranets
* Chat to colleagues & clients using BlackBerry® Messenger
* Use the GPS-enabled smartphone for sat navs, maps and directions
* Record and email voice notes, conversations and instructions
* Get the latest stock prices, weather & news at a click
* Run industry-specific applications in areas like sales, CRM and many more.

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