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O2 Travel

Ocean Telecom is pleased to announce that on the 29th June 2012, O2 will be launching a new simplified roaming tariff – O2 Travel, which means customers can talk and use the web in the EU without worrying about huge bills. It will be like using their phone at home.
O2 Travel offers customers a simple pricing structure that provides access to their UK monthly voice bundle. It means customers can talk for up to 60 minutes for a single connection charge when they’re in Europe.

•    Calls – customers pay a one off 41p (ex VAT) connection charge each time they make or receive a call within Europe. When they make a call they’ll use their standard     bundle of UK minutes. When they receive a call, they won’t use their minutes. If a call (made or received) is longer than 60 minutes, the customer will be charged at the UK out-of-bundle rate of 30p per minute.
•    Data – Customers will be charged £1.66 ex VAT per day, when they use data in Europe. They can use up to 25MB a day.

O2 Travel offers our customers simplicity, value and transparency.

O2 will proactively move their eligible SMB customer base to O2 Travel before the end of June and will be communicating this as follows:

Text message to single accounts sent between Monday 18th June and Wednesday 20 June.

Direct mail to multi-handset accounts sent from Thursday 21 June.

O2 Travel will become the default at point of connection for eligible customers from 29 June. In the unlikely event that a customer wants to opt out of O2 Travel they can.

To find out more about O2 Travel, speak to one of our team on 01284 729869

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