MiContact Center Office (for MiVoice Office 250) version 6.2 is released bringing the following new features:

  • Mitel Branding & Modernization
    A continued effort within Mitel is the ability to deliver users common and integrated experiences across the Mitel workflow. Within this release, Mitel’s recent branding initiative for its user interfaces continues to be implemented, including: logos, color pallet, icons, and support for the latest Windows common controls (buttons, tabs, etc.).
  • SMTP Support in Intelligent Router and Reporter
    An option (new default) has been included for the Intelligent Router “rule action” and Reporter (automated and ad-hoc) reports to be sent via email using SMTP routed through a server. In addition to simplifying support, a server delivered email message can associate a system-defined “from” address rather always attaching the sending desktop client (agent) address. MAPI support is still available.
  • Dedicated Back-up Utility with Scheduling
    A new service based back-up utility has been introduced to the MiCC Office Server to automate the process of keeping multiple backups of the solution to help minimize the risk of data loss from a hardware or software failure. This new backup utility can store backups on the local server or a network drive.