Important ISDN update from Openreach

Openreach (Part of BT Group) hosted an event in May to discuss their plans for the future of their network. A wide range of topics were discussed and they made some important announcements, in particular regarding the future for ISDN2 & ISDN30. There are currently millions of ISDN circuits in use by businesses throughout the UK and there has been a great deal of speculation about their longevity.

There are two new key dates to put in the calendar:

Openreach confirmed that sales of ISDN2 & 30 will cease in September 2023.

ISDN2 & 30 services will cease 31st December 2025.

What this means is businesses will have to have an alternative service in place prior to the end of 2025. SIP services are currently available now and will be one of the service choices. New products will be coming online from Openreach, but as yet no details have been released.

To discuss your current setup and options, please contact your account manager, or email [email protected]