VoIP or Cloud Telephony, also known as “Voice over Internet Protocol”, is widely regarded as the future of telephony, as VoIP allows you to be able to get your phone service delivered through your internet connection.

This way, you are able to communicate by phone calls via the internet, replacing expensive traditional telephony and significantly reducing the cost of calls.

The VoIP system is hosted in the cloud and entirely IP-based, so rather than manually ‘connecting’ calls and sending signals down a telephone line, it will convert your voice into packets of data and transmit it to the recipient across an IP address. As long as your receiver has internet access, you are able to perform a VoIP call to that user including smart mobile phones, computers and laptops.

VoIP and Cloud technology can connect to either traditional, compatible hardware-based telephone systems with similar features such as a speaker, microphone, voicemail, conferencing and call transfer. The software-based option is where clients install a software onto one of their computers or mobile phones and either use a microphone that is built-in to these devices or one through a connected headset.

The main benefit of switching to a VoIP system is that it significantly cheaper than paying for a traditional landline. Users of Voice Over Internet Protocol technology no longer need expensive line rentals and call bundles meaning the majority of calls become free. As well as cost-effectiveness, you are also able to take your VoIP system/device anywhere with you and, providing you have internet access, you will be able to receive and make any calls.

Along with other various advantages, Voice Over Internet Protocol is soon becoming the number one communication method for businesses. If you would like more information and a chance to discuss your options, get in touch with us today: Call us on 01284 771555 or email at [email protected].