Security is important to everyone and that is one of the main reasons CCTV is purchased by homeowners, businesses and public services.

However, video surveillance actually offers a lot more benefits than just security.

Benefits of CCTV for Business

Insurance Savings

Nowadays, the majority of insurance providers will offer you a discounted rate if you install a CCTV camera. This is because it tells your insurance company that you are taking appropriate action to protect your site from theft; lowering the risk of being a target consequently lowers your insurance quote. Also, CCTV allows you to collect evidence if you do ever need to make a claim.

Preventative Method

If criminals notice that you have a CCTV installed, they will be less likely to offend. Even if your camera is not turned on, it is a deterrent as they will still think that they are being watched. Video surveillance gives you the easier option of preventing criminal acts rather than dealing with them after they have occurred.

Health & Safety

On top of keeping your belongings safe, it keeps people in the workplace safe too. By placing CCTV at entrances, exits and car parks, it will make your employees feel safer leaving work in the dark. As well as this, by using video surveillance inside the workplace, you will be able to monitor staff members, encouraging them to follow the best practices, and be on hand if an incident occurs.

Comfort Blanket

With the advance of modern technology, you are now able to monitor your CCTV remotely. By using your mobile or tablet to check in on your place while you’re on the move, you will have an increased sense of security and have peace of mind that your building is being watched

As you can see, CCTV is a multi-dimensional technology that does more than just security. Why don’t you invest in video surveillance for your business? Contact us today to get the perfect, reliable solution for you.