Audio Conferencing Demands

The demand for Audio Conferencing has grown and grown. With more people working in remote locations, it’s an easy and effective way to hold meetings and sharing ideas. Removing transport costs and lost work-time spent in the car, it’s also a very cost effective solution!

Ocean Conferencing gives users the ability to easily create and manage conferencing services. With significant flexibility and ease of use, it enables organisations communicate more effectively, regardless of location.

The product has a number of features including, bespoke welcome messages, host tracking and call recording. It also includes a PIN access system for security, ensuring that users are unable to accidentally join another conference call. Additionally, Conference Hosts are able to generate a separate PIN to ensure the call cannot begin without their attendance and to give them full control of the meeting and discussion points, particularly useful when a call involves clients and third parties.

To find out more about Audio Conferencing from Ocean, contact our team on 01284 771555