The Government’s energy price cap is set to be implemented before the end of the year which will consequently lead to increasing energy prices.

This will have a significant effect on every business, so if you are currently on a poor value standard tariff, you need to take action now in order to see any benefits.

If you wait for the cap to come into place, you risk losing the present competitive tariffs and therefore profiting from better deals. The cap will reduce the competition within the sector, so if you switch now you will have a better chance of reducing your energy costs.

One way of saving money on your energy bills is choosing the cheapest one-year fixed tariff and then switching every year after. If you do not want the hassle of switching regularly, you could look to commit to longer-term fixes which have a cheaper tariff; this will save you from any price increases, but you should be aware of the high exit penalties.

Preparation is key so by researching the market and comparing tariffs, this can help you towards making any final decisions. Luckily, Ocean Telecom are able to provide support through their Ocean Energy services; we will do the hard work for you and prepare a simple, easy to compare document presenting your energy supplier options.

This includes: the provider, tariffs and terms that best fit your business needs. We will evaluate your energy bill to make sure that it is correct, and if you are in a long-term contract, we will still be able to secure savings for when you switch.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and how we can get the ball rolling on your decision to switch.