On-premise solutions for businesses are becoming more and more scarce since the introduction of Cloud Computing.

Instead of storing information and files on a single device, they are hosted on secure servers so you are able to access them from any device that is connected to the internet.

Cloud platforms offer a number of benefits to businesses as well as being easily accessible. They are extremely secure as they maintain and update themselves so you always have the current version available, consequently eliminating bugs and issues. Another advantage is that they are scalable and flexible to the growth and expansion of your infrastructure.

So, your switch to the Cloud probably seems inevitable, but how do you make sure that you are ready?

The internet is a critical component needed for Cloud computing, so you need to ensure that your business has the best solution tailored to your data traffic requirements. At Ocean Telecom, we provide a quality leased lines service which is perfect if your business requires heavy data usage. Extremely reliable and capable of transporting large amounts of data traffic, you have the guarantee that you can access your files quickly and efficiently.

If you use a lesser amount of data, Business Broadband would offer you a more cost-effective solution; by taking advantage of the greater speeds, you will be able access your information a lot quicker.

It is vital to understand that implementing Cloud computing can mean significant changes to your IT system, consequently affecting procedures that are familiar to your employees. By creating a migration strategy and taking advantage of free trials, you can ease your business into the new setup that cloud computing will introduce.

When you start to look for the right supplier for you, you need to understand your company’s requirements and what services are necessary for you. After choosing which services you require, it’s time to research and compare the vast number of providers out there.

Remember to choose your cloud supplier based solely on price alone as there are a number of other factors you need to consider. The level of support or number of online resources is fundamental in order to aid you through this switch, as well as management responsibilities and information about how your data will be protected.

These steps will help build your confidence towards the switch to cloud computing for your business and make sure that you are completely ready. Start with choosing a quality internet access provider by contacting us today.