Mobiles and smartphones are used for everything nowadays, and have actually become a necessity in the business world.

With the rising popularity of remote access solutions for businesses, Business Mobiles can help achieve easy accessibility, availability and flexibility.

With the amount of data stored on your mobile device, especially if you use it for business purposes, you need to ensure that it is fully secure. Here are few tips to give you peace of mind that your information is protected and safe:

Use a Passcode

Whether it’s a pin, password or pattern, always make sure that your device is protected with a unique passcode that only you know – a quick and easy solution!

Don’t Store Passwords on Your Device

Don’t write store all of your passwords on your mobile as this gives a thief a better chance of accessing all of your data. Use a password manager or try to remember them to reduce the risk of further damage.

Enable the Finding Function

Utilise the finding function that the phone manufacturer has implemented which allows you to find your device if it has been lost or stolen. By doing so, you are able to log on to the service on a different device and perform functions like locking your phone or wiping your data from it.

Only Download Apps from Trusted App Stores

If you choose to download apps from untrustworthy app stores, you are putting your data at risk of being compromised; they will be able to intrude and even put viruses on your mobile. Make sure you take into account what permissions they would like to access so you stay in control.

Keep Your System Up to Date

Whenever your mobile device presents an update, always download and install it. Any security issues that they may have found will have been fixed, so your phone will be protected against any future threats and vulnerabilities.

Avoid Public Wi-fi

If possible, only perform any transactions that require personal or business information through secured wi-fi networks. Although public wi-fi can be handy and convenient, it does not always mean it is secure, so be careful.

Log Out of Apps

Simply log out of your apps every time you stop using them so there is less chance of your information being found if your device gets stolen. Don’t give thieves instant access to your data by staying logged in after use.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid compromising your important business data. For more information on our Business Mobile packages, get in contact with us today.