VoIP encryption and call recording has opened up a world of possibilities for many businesses nowadays, including the option to eliminate the need of paper contracts.

Voice calls can now be made across the internet rather than the traditional way through telephone lines. The data from the call travels across the web in packets and is encrypted, and therefore archived, giving you the option to store it for future reference. VoIP encryption protocol and methods are extremely secure, which is why it is a very popular choice among companies.

Here lies the innovation of encrypted call recording – the ability to keep a conversation on file, safely and securely. There are many reasons that you might want to do this including: to record business conversations for training and development purposes; to keep track of verbal contracts and agreements; or for any kind of law case.

Recording your own phone calls is legal as long as you make sure that both parties consent to the recording, you don’t sell or share the recording, and you only use it for a specific purpose (e.g. the reasons listed above). There is a legal requirement to make reasonable efforts to ensure the caller knows that their calls are being recorded; this could be in the form of a front-end message stating, ‘calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes’.

At Ocean Telecom, we provide Call Recording services that meet all regulatory compliance measures and show that FCA and PCI DSS rules have been followed. We offer Recorders for all requirements and all sizes of businesses, and every system we supply can integrate with compliant Call Recording platforms.

If you invest in our Call Recording services, you will be able to resolve any disputes by locating conversations quickly and easily, monitor the quality of your customer service by reviewing discussions and make improvements where necessary, and also construct verbal contracts instead of the traditional paper ones.

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