Nowadays, call recording has become an essential resource for all kinds of businesses. It can provide a number of beneficial properties including: improving customer service, keeping track of disputes and compliance, and supplying useful training information. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to utilising this software.


  1. Due to data privacy and protection laws put in place with GDPR, it is fundamental to notify every customer and colleague that their calls will be recorded. There are specific compliance rules for different industries, but it is good practice to:
  • Inform customers of the reasons why calls are being recorded
  • Ask for their consent to be recorded
  • Notify staff members which lines are being monitored and which calls are being recorded
  1. Record every kind of phone call; whether it’s a closed sale or a customer dispute, it is good to have a selection of both good and bad calls for training purposes. This will help trainees and future employees prepare for any situation that may come their way.
  2. Choosing a call recording software that can implement a filtering system so you can sort and find the specific types of calls you require is extremely advised. This will be more efficient for your business operations and help you track important conversations easily. The MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management that we supply can provide this feature for you.



  1. Don’t invest in call recording software without doing your research first, and ultimately compromising on features that you may need in the future. Quality monitoring, call analysis, and selective recording are services that you could benefit from, so by making sure you have all of these available to start with, you won’t have complications later on down the line when you may need change platforms.
  2. Don’t keep your recordings for a limited period of time. It is advised that you keep them for up to a year but, if possible, it can be incredibly resourceful to keep them for longer than this. By building up an archive of various recordings, you will have an infinite amount of training supplies as well as important information and evidence to hand if you ever required it. Make sure you look into the storage capacity of the call recording software before you purchase.


At Ocean Telecom, we supply recorders for all requirements and all sizes of business, and every system can integrate with regulatory call recording platforms. Contact us today to find out more and invest in the software that is best suited to you.