With more people working in remote locations, a conference call is a productive way to hold a meeting.

Even though it is a cost-effective solution, which can also save you money, if they are not organised properly, it can sacrifice these benefits. Here are some tips to help you run a successful conference call:

Before the Conference Call


It is important to make sure every participant is fully prepared before the conference, especially the one that is holding it. Make sure you circulate the agenda a few days before the meeting outlining the topics of discussion and giving access to all the relevant resources and material required.


As well as the agenda, send every participant the number they need to dial and the PIN. Ocean Telecom’s conference call system uses a PIN access system which ensures users are able to join the correct conference; private conference IDs are also available for additional security. Another option available is a separate PIN for the conference host so the call cannot begin before they attend.

During the Conference Call


Before you join the call, be aware of your location. Make sure you are in a quiet room with no risk of distraction or loud noises. If you are using a microphone or speakerphone, ensure that it is close enough to hear your voice but far away enough to not hear every single sound you make. Also, try to avoid having any electronic devices around as they may cause interference. 


As you are the host, it is important that you join the call first so you can make sure everything is in working order and you can greet each participant as they join. An alternative available with our system is a personalised welcome message; we offer a professionally recorded welcome audio service and you can choose the music you want to play while participants are waiting.


No matter how many participants there are in your conference call, it is important that everyone gets involved and that they feel like their opinions are valued. Ask questions and, when individuals are speaking, mute yours and other participant’s microphones so everyone can focus on what they are saying.

Notes & Recording

By taking notes throughout the meeting, you can stay completely focused whilst ensuring you always have a copy of important information. You can then send these notes to the participants after the meeting, so everyone has a copy. As well as taking notes, you could also record the conference call; always ensure you let your participants know though. This will not only keep record of all topics discussed for attending participants, but if someone is unable to join the call, they can also be sent the recording to listen to.

Summarise & Schedule

Before the call is about to end, summarise all the points that have been discussed to bring the meeting to a close. If necessary, decide on a schedule and an agenda for the next call as this will help you feel organised for your next conference.

 After the Conference Call


Email all participants to thank them for joining and participating in your conference call. Also, send over any notes or recordings necessary to share the relevant information.

All of this preparation is important for organising a successful conference call, but you need to make sure that your teleconferencing provider supplies all the features that you require. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements and we can help set you up with perfect Ocean Talk package.