Now we are living in a completely digital age, a fast business broadband connection is more than desirable.

In the business world, speed is crucial to perform necessary daily tasks. If your business broadband is not fast enough, it could prove to be detrimental in many ways.

Dangers of Slow Business Broadband

Productivity and efficiency are the main orders of business that can be affected by a slow internet connection. If regularly uploading information or transferring data is part of the essential day to day running of your organisation, slow business broadband can significantly hinder this and cause your productivity levels to decrease.

Furthermore, a slow connection usually means a less reliable connection. This poses the risk of regular disruptions and downtime which consequently affects the efficiency of your work processes. As you can see, a fast internet connection plays a vital role in your business’ performance.

How to Understand Internet Speeds

Internet connections have two speeds, one for downloading and one for uploading. The written format of your internet speed will look like this: 15/5 Mbps (bits per second). The first number (15) indicates the download speed and the second number (5) indicates the upload speed.

Bandwidth is also related to your internet speed and is also measured in Mbps. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the bandwidth the better the download and upload speeds. So, by identifying your business’ downloading and uploading requirements, you can understand what speed you are looking for.

Reviewing Your Business Broadband Speed

Your business broadband speed should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it is keeping up with your evolving business. Factors you need to look at and consider when conducting a review are:

  • Have you recently updated the computers that you are using? If so, what are their capabilities?
  • How many people in your office are using the internet and what are they using the internet for?
  • How many people are connected to the internet at one time?
  • What kind of internet connections are available in your area?

There are many tools online that can help check your broadband speed such as Broadband Speed Checker [http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/] or Speed Test  [http://www.speedtest.net/]. If you need further guidance on how to determine broadband speed requirements for your business, contact us at Ocean Telecom today to speak to one of our experts.