Trends in telecommunication are constantly evolving to fit the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

There has been a significant growth in the use of Cloud-based services which appears to still be increasing, now and looking ahead to the future.

The Impact of Cloud Services

Nearly a decade ago, the telecommunications industry was entirely based on-premise with traditional landline and fixed phone lines. Nowadays, the Cloud infrastructure has taken over and become a wider IT industry trend. This is because Cloud-based telecommunications offer improved scalability and flexibility for any business, as well as a more cost-efficient solution with easy access.

Cloud-based unified communication services also provide the resources for an efficient and productive workforce. The progress we’ve seen so far doesn’t stop there with the Cloud; it will soon be seen as the norm and will be completely embedded in business practises due to the number of benefits it can bring.

Other Trends in Telecommunication

Even though it may seem that the Cloud has had a huge impact on the telecommunications industry, that isn’t the only exciting development. As the industry continues to adapt as technology advances, other new trends arise to meet the growing needs of consumers.

From 4G to 5G

One of the biggest announcements for 2019 has been the introduction of 5G, with the goal of significantly increasing the number of 5G networks by 2020. With its expanded capabilities, it is not only the telecommunications industry that will see the benefits of this trend, a number of new opportunities will be created for a variety of businesses and end-users. The 5G infrastructure offers more efficient and faster connectivity which in turn will also drive cloud technology and innovation.

Strict Data Security

As the telecom industry continues to integrate cloud computing, improvements are consistently being made to the infrastructure in order to ensure security. After a number of data breaches in the news in previous years, the telecom sector has moved away from using data centres and has been adopting smarter solutions. The new GDPR legislation has also been an important drive behind this trend in telecommunication and data security.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The technology behind the Internet of Things (IoT) has made both business and personal lifestyles more interconnected recently. This emerging trend is thought to be the future behind our ecosystems and infrastructures, with the ability to remotely monitor and manage equipment. As it begins to integrate into homes and vehicles, the telecommunication industry is beginning to prepare for it to be brought into the workplace.

Future Trends in Telecommunication

When we look into the future, cloud-based telecoms will be fundamental and the only way the telecommunication industry will operate. Technology is constantly advancing, sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but it is important to evolve and adapt so you don’t get left behind.

If the switch to cloud-based phone systems seems daunting, talk to one of our experts today for some advice and guidance.