CCTV and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have been around for years, but now they have collaborated.

Taking security to the next level, AI has enabled surveillance to gain numerous benefits that can significantly impact our lives.

New AI Features for CCTV

Real-Time CCTV Monitoring and AI Predictions

Video surveillance has always been reactive, only analysing footage when an incident occurred. However, AI provides real-time monitoring with additional analysis of situations, evaluating how security incidents could possibly occur and how to prevent them.

This technology allows computers to actually understand what is going on and therefore identify and predict unusual body language and abnormal behaviour of individuals.

Object, Event and Facial Recognition

Another proactive element that AI has brought to CCTV is object, event and facial recognition. Facial recognition has obviously been used previously but it has been improved; CCTV can now identify individuals through faceless recognition and by just their physical characteristics. This will make it even easier to find specific people within crowded areas.

The unique information we unknowingly broadcast using our smartphones, laptops or other Bluetooth-connected devices, can also be used to identify us. In addition to humans, AI has also given CCTV the ability to recognise unattended objects in airports and other public spaces that could be considered as threats.

Better AI Image Processing

Images captured from CCTV are not usually of the best quality, but AI has drastically improved this. It has the capability to sharpen low quality images so they can be used efficiently in order to gain useful information from them.

Other types of surveillance have also been improved due to artificial intelligence, such as wide-area surveillance and satellite cameras. Camera resolution and image processing is becoming more advanced, which means CCTV can be relied upon even more for security reasons.

CCTV for Business at Ocean Telecom

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