The fifth generation in mobile networks, 5G, has been in the news for a while and there’s no stopping it now.

As a truly revolutionary technology for communication, it has opened up a number of new opportunities for businesses of any kind.

5G Benefits for Business

Increased Connection Speed

One of the most prominent features of 5G is its increased connection and network speed. Speeds of over 1Gbps will completely open up the opportunity of remote working and give the ease of ability to file sharing and communication capabilities.

Just like having WiFi, 5G will give businesses constant access to a fast and reliable internet connection. This, in turn, will increase productivity as employees will be able to work quicker and more efficiently.

Remote Working Possibilities

As mentioned above, remote working is another opportunity 5G will be able to provide. Although there has already been an increase in businesses choosing to opt for remote working environments, this will be made even more possible through the introduction of 5G.

Once expanded, this connection can be relied upon anywhere in the country. You will be able to conduct conference calls and utilise unified communications seamlessly on the move.

Opportunities for New and Old Industries

5G will be beneficial to any kind of business, from traditional agricultural industries to brand new start-ups. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilised for fertilisation and moisture needs during crop management, which can be powered by 5G.

It also creates opportunities for individuals to start businesses from home and keep them strongly connected to prospects that surround them.

Vodafone 5G

5G Unlimited Tariffs for Business

Vodafone was the network to start launching 5G networks around the UK this summer, introducing it to a number of cities before it’s big launch in 2020. They have a huge number of unlimited business sim only deals available which you can find out more about here.

We’re excited to see where 5G is going to take us and we’re sure you are too! Contact us today for more details about the 5G network for your business mobile.