Have you regularly been overspending on your phone bill due to exceeding your data limit? No one likes experiencing bill shock, but it’s so easy to accidentally overuse your mobile data.

Here are some handy tips to avoid data overage and keep your bills consistently affordable.

How to Reduce Data Usage & Avoid Bill Shock

Use Wi-Fi At Every Opportunity

A simple rule to live by: if there is wi-fi available, use it. It is extremely common to have wi-fi both in your home and your workplace, but when you are out and about, always double check if there is one you can connect to. Free, public wi-fi is available at most locations nowadays so make it a habit to check for carrier hot spots or wi-fi networks when you visit somewhere new.

Avoid Data Consuming Features

Some common features you regularly use your phone for can eat through your data quickly, like:

  • Streaming podcasts, music, or videos – If you love listening to music and podcasts on the move or watching TV and videos whilst you’re travelling, make sure you use apps where there is the option for downloading and offline access.
  • Browsing the web – If you love to browse the web to pass the time or need to conduct research and use the internet for work purposes, you should disable auto-play videos on your social media platforms and use apps to read news stories to reduce your data usage.
  • Map navigation – If you need to use Google or Apple maps regularly for travelling, why not download the map you need before you leave? This will save you time and data.

If you are guilty of any of these habits, try to make a change and use data-saving apps and methods to save you money.

Set Yourself Data Alerts Preventing Bill Shock

If you have downloaded your mobile carrier app, you should have your data limit showing there so you can keep track of how much you’re using. Not only this, more often than not these apps have the ability to turn a data cap on, so you never exceed your limit. Or, you can set it to alert you when you are reaching your limit before your monthly renewal.

Take a Look at Your Data Usage

You can also use your mobile carrier app to evaluate your data usage, see how much you are exceeding it by or why you are exceeding, and adjust your habits accordingly. By measuring your data usage live and offering a way to keep up to date with your statistics, you are less likely to exceed your limit.

How Much Data Do You Need?

After looking at your mobile data information, you should be able to come to a conclusion of how much data is suitable for you and your needs. It is always best to overestimate but also not too much so you’re paying too much for data that you don’t use. By adjusting your data limit, you will be able to save yourself money and not experience bill shock anymore.

Why Am I Experiencing Bill Shock?

If you are still wondering what plan is the best one for you, you should talk to one of our experts at Ocean Telecom today. Contact us for more information and advice about mobile data usage.