In such a competitive environment, start-up businesses are up against huge tycoons so, it is imperative that they are adaptable and responsive.

As one of the most flexible technologies, Cloud telephony can help start-ups compete and bring their new, innovative ideas to life.

Why Cloud is the Best Start-up Business Telephony

Quick and Easy Installation and Set Up

One of the main advantages to Cloud telephony for start-up businesses is that you don’t need to worry about waiting for your phone system to be installed and set up. As soon as you come online, your Cloud VoIP or SIP system will be fully operational. Also, if you do experience any problems early on, any issues can be swiftly resolved.

Cost and Management Effective

Being a start-up company, you don’t want to be forking out for expensive PBX and its associated hardware, you need a cost-effective solution that you can rely on. Because Cloud telephony works off your internet, the ongoing costs and the call rates are cheaper. As well as this, maintenance responsibilities lie with your service provider and the administrative software is completely user friendly, saving you time.

Room to Grow on a Global Scale

Cloud telephony provides the adaptability and flexibility that start-up businesses require. In order for your business to grow and develop in the future, you need a telephone system that can evolve alongside you. The ability to scale up or down, adding or removing the number of users, or completely relocating to another location is easy with the Cloud. Even when your business is spread across different places, you can stay connected with Cloud telephony.

Cloud Telephony A Feature-Rich System

There are a wide number of features that Cloud telephone systems have to offer that can prove beneficial to start-up companies:

  • Call Recording – Recording conversations so they can be accounted for, analysed and used for assessing employee performance.
  • Call Forwarding – Ensuring a phone call reaches a point of contact where it can be dealt with if the intended recipient is busy or unavailable.
  • Unified Communications – Utilising office productivity software, such as audio conferencing, and other software which keeps you up to date with employee activity and phone status

Business Phone Systems by Ocean Telecom

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