Unlimited mobile tariffs have created a whole new opportunity for business to introduce remote working as part of their strategy.

Mobile data usage increases on a yearly basis so mobile networks need to cater for these requirements; data limits are holding consumers back and limiting business in the UK.

Vodafone and EE have both recently launched unlimited mobile tariffs, so we want to explore their options and how they can provide benefits for businesses.

Vodafone Business Unlimited Tariffs

Not only did Vodafone launch 5G last year, but unlimited mobile tariffs to go along with this in order to take advantage of the new network technology. All contracts include unlimited data with price on application, their new Business Unlimited Plans are:

Business Unlimited Lite

Ideal for small businesses that generally require email and internet browsing, with 2Mbps download speed and 48 roaming destinations.

Business Unlimited

Best suited for companies that are always on the move and require a range of connected apps to get their work done efficiently. It includes 10Mbps download speed and 48 roaming destinations.

Business Unlimited Max

Perfect for the travelling remote worker, with unlimited data and access to Vodafone’s best roaming offers. This tariff includes the fastest 5G and maximum download speeds available plus 77 roaming destinations.

Even if you are within an area that does not have access to the 5G network, you can still utilise these unlimited data tariffs. Initially, Business Unlimited tariffs will be exclusive to SME companies with up to 50 employees but, in time, it will eventually roll out for all businesses.

EE Unlimited Data Plans

No matter how much data you need, EE’s uncapped speeds and unlimited data plans work across both 4G and 5G, providing businesses with the fastest experience possible. All 12-month contracts, their new unlimited data plans are:

The Basic 4G Unlimited Data Plan

Simply put, you will get unlimited 4G data, calling minutes and texts for £34 per month.

The 4G Smart Unlimited Data Plan

Unlimited 4G data, calling minutes and texts, as well as 2 swappable benefits: you choose two benefits and you can switch them every 30 days if you wish. These benefits are Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport and Roam Further and this tariff is £39 per month.

The 5G Smart Unlimited Data Plan

Unlimited data, calling minutes and texts, as well as 3 swappable benefits; you will have superfast 5G mobile data, where available, for £44 per month.

These Unlimited Data Plans are only available for contract customers so simply choose EE Business Unlimited Data on a mobile phone or SIM only plan, and you will have all the data you need.

Unlimited Data Benefits for Business

So, is ‘more’ really better? The answer is yes. With unlimited data comes unlimited working opportunities, with added flexibility and remote working abilities. Eliminate the worry of exceeding data limits and experiencing bill shock every month, and take advantage being able to access working materials and communicate wherever you go.

The possibilities are endless: If you’re looking for your ideal business mobile package, contact us today and we can help guide you through the options.