At Ocean Telecom, we have now become Partners with Wildix, a market leading Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) product which brings together Voice, Chat, File Share, Video, Conference in a central web-based Collaboration platform.

Adding to our portfolio of communication systems, we wanted to take a further look into this and the benefits it can bring to businesses.

What Are Unified Communications?

‘Unified communications’ has become the new buzzword across the business industry. Basically, it refers to all real-time business communications services being integrated across multiple mediums, like mobile phones, PC’s, tablets and phone lines, so they work seamlessly together.

How Unified Communications Improves Daily Business Practices

Boosts Productivity

One of the main benefits to employing unified communications and collaboration is boosted productivity. This is mainly due to the amount of time it saves employees to perform simple work tasks and how easy it is to communicate with fellow employees.

Traditionally, communication channels would be isolated and work separately so it was difficult to transition between them, but now they are all integrated, it has never been easier. Voice, chat, web, video and file sharing all from one system means ease of accessibility and increased employee engagement.

Cuts Costs

Unified communications allow businesses to rely on just one provider for all of their communication needs, therefore saving them money. It also saves companies money by reducing their need to travel for conferences and meetings. Finally, due to unified communications utilising VoIP technology, you also eradicate line rental costs.

Improves Customer Service

With all essential communication channels integrated, the ability to always connect customers with the right employee is enhanced. No matter if they are away from their desk or completely out of the office, remote working, they can always be reached by their mobile device.

There is specific technology under the umbrella of unified communications which also provides further options. Ring groups are one example, so if the call is unanswered, it can be set up so the call is sent to the next most suitable recipient in the ring group. Also, you can see whether the person you need to pass the customer through to is available or not.

Increases Business Flexibility & Expansion

This innovative technology allows businesses to stay up to date with the digital age and the expanding needs of consumers. As well as this, having all communication channels in one place means easier integration if the business was looking to expand in numbers or across the globe.

Reduces Administration

With all communication streamlined into one place and with one provider, this means you only have one point of contact, one contract and one bill. Maintenance will be a lot simpler as everything is all in one place and there will be no need for multiple support numbers if you encounter any issues.

Enables Remote Working

Remote working has been a common business practice for a few years now, but unified communications has made it even more efficient and effective. If you are on the move or working from home, this technology can keep you connected with your office and other employees. Customers can be forwarded to your mobile device and you have the ability to collaborate on documents with other members of staff.

Unified Communication & Collaboration from Ocean Telecom

Our new Unified Communication and Collaboration system is ground-breaking and state-of-the-art, offering the ability to communicate across all the modern ways of collaboration. From voice to chat, web to video, file sharing and more, all from one communication system on one device, this is the new world of communication technology.

Find out more about it here or contact us today if you have any further questions or enquiries.