EE has introduced a brand-new network-based call and SMS recording service provided in partnership with IPC, an established and trusted provider of call recording services.

What is Mobile Voice Recording (MVR)?

Call recording services have been around for years and businesses use it for many purposes, such as enhancing staff training, monitoring call standards and keeping track of conversations for legal reasons.

However, as technology evolves, businesses communication channels do too, so traditional landlines are being replaced with remote working solutions and mobile devices. EE have created MVR using the existing call recording technology as a foundation and used cloud-based voice recording for people who are on the move or working from home.

Mobile voice recording collects documentation from your phone calls and stores them safely so they can be referred back to using a web portal. It captures inbound and outbound calls, national, international and roaming calls, deposited and retrieved voicemails, and multi-party calls. Emergency services calls and calls from non-compliant roaming networks are not captured.

SMS Recording and Capture

All inbound and outbound SMS messages are passed to the recording platform and captured. They are also then stored and can be accessed via a web portal.

Benefits of Using Mobile Voice Recording

MVR can help many different businesses and industries with a number of various matters. Some examples include:

Compliance with Regulations and Laws, Plus Dispute Resolution

Commonly, businesses within the financial sector use MVR to comply with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations and to make sure penalties are kept in check. Trading disputes and rogue traders are two risks that commonly threaten the financial market and the risk can reduced using MVR.


You can create call records that keep track of every transaction your business makes, for instance, if you work in Sales, you can check that your teams are regularly calling their accounts.


Additionally, by creating call records you can look back at previous conversation, analyse them and look for ways to improve call standards and customer service. You can identify what customers are asking your employees and enrich staff training based around this information.


Ensure you always take down essential notes during meetings by using MVR, giving you the ability to look back to previous conversations with ease.


If you work in healthcare, mobile voice recording helps you raise the level of vigilance when discussing confidential information. Consequently, you can keep customer satisfaction at the highest standards.

Business Mobile Phone Providers

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