There is no better time to make sure you are using technology to the best of your ability for business communication. Working from home has suddenly become the norm for many companies and remote working capabilities are completely relied upon.

Here are some of the solutions you need to enhance your communication channels at work.

Working from Home Technology

Mobile Phone

Everyone has got one, but have you made sure it is set up properly so you can work remotely and successfully? By connecting your employees’ mobile phone with your business phone system, you can provide the ability for them to take calls at home.

The phone system can work exactly like your current office one, so the transition can be seamless. You can connect with fellow employees as well as clients, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

There are a number of business apps that are available for both mobiles and desktop to help keep the channels of communication open. These applications give you the ability to share access with every employee that is working from home, so it is just like a normal day at the office.

Of course, there are also Instant Messaging (IM) apps too so you can chat to your co-workers quickly and easily, an additional alternative to your mobile chat facilities.

Project Management Tools

An example of the mobile and desktop applications mentioned above are project management tools. They have chat tools and collaboration technology built into them so communication between employees is still accessible and efficient.

However, these project management tools are even more useful for the management team. With all projects and tasks in the same place, with all stages and jobs detailed, leaders can keep on track with the present workload as well as what is coming up in the future. Any issues can be addressed immediately, and the appropriate employee can be easily reached.

Video Conferencing

Obviously, with common technology, you can still take part in phone and audio conferencing but now you can also host a meeting via video conferencing software.

Even though you aren’t in your office with a meeting room, you can still meet clients and undertake important meetings like you would a normal workday.

Unified Communications by Wildix from Ocean Telecom

All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s even better when it’s all together in one place though! Unified communications allow you to integrate interconnected communication channels so you can truly be your most productive workforce from home. Some of the features included with Wildix are:

  • Text chat with individuals or groups / teams
  • Voice and video call
  • Voice and video conference
  • Document sharing
  • Call reporting and recording

Available on any device, talk to Ocean Telecom to find out more information about how we can help to keep your channels of communication open today.