Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its constant development, a number of companies have felt the strain and have had to make changes almost instantly.

Updates from Vodafone

To help those homeworkers through this time, Vodafone have introduced a new flexible Emergency Homeworker Plan.

What is Included in the Vodafone Emergency Homeworker Tariffs?

This temporary SIM-only tariff is available for a fixed amount of £15 per month, rolling for a maximum of three months. Any existing Vodafone customer can add connections and this 3-month contract can be extended, if the customer wishes or requires.

The plan includes unlimited voice, text and data with great roaming benefits and 5G availability. As well as this, the tariffs don’t have speed caps applied so customers will get speeds as fast as their device allows.

Why Were Vodafone Emergency Homeworker Tariffs created?

Vodafone created these plans for their customers who require access to additional data as a result of suddenly needing to work from home or remotely work. This extra data, texts and minutes will give them the ability to get their workforce up and running, to stay afloat during this pandemic.

Staff who wouldn’t normally need a company mobile will be able to be issued with one on a temporary basis with these rolling contracts. The flexibility gives customers the option to use the contract for working purposes for as long as they need to during the lockdown.

Vodafone have also offered additional mobile data packages to their larger business customers too, in order to manage the increasing demands of employees working from home as efficiently as possible.

Business Mobile Phone Providers

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