Did you know that 76% of online searches result in a visit within 24 hours and 45% of all Google searches are for location-based information?

The number of people searching online keeps growing every day and the number of platforms that can be used for this searching is increasing too. From Google to Bing, Yahoo to Facebook, plus many more, they can all be used to find businesses and all their essential information.

To make sure potential customers can find your clients, why not use this time to make sure their information is present and correct across all platforms by using Web Listings?

Everything You Need to Know

What Are Web Listings?

Web Listings is an online listing solution designed by Pragma and SO Connect. It gives businesses the ability to update information, such as opening hours and preferred payment methods, on over 50 platforms through a single user interface.

Why Use Web Listings?

It is crucial for businesses nowadays to optimise their online presence for local searches. By using Web Listings, your customers can take control of their business details and attract more business.

This technology was only available to larger, corporate businesses but Pragma and SO Connect have made it possible for any business to utilise this software for their advantage. Some of the benefits are:


With a single user interface, it is simple and user-friendly, easy to get to grips with and easy to make changes when required.

Ease of Deployment

Web Listings is designed with bulk onboarding in mind, saving you time and hassle with the 5-step deployment plan.

End-to-End Management

All back-end processes, such as onboarding customers and providing ongoing support, are managed by Pragma and SO Connect so you don’t have to worry.

Improved Online Findability

One of the main benefits for businesses is the peace of mind they gain knowing that they have consistent and complete location information available online for potential customers to find. This, in turn, will improve their online findability.

Web Listings from Ocean Telecom

At Ocean Telecom, we are not only supplying Web Listings, but we are offering a limited 90-day free trial during this time. Contact us today to find out more and make sure you and your clients are prepared for when we come out of lockdown.