The number of remote workers has been increasing for years, but no one was expecting the COVID-19 pandemic and how it would affect day-to-day work life. Most businesses are now operating from home which means there has been a huge learning curve on managing a remote team successfully.

If you are struggling to make working from home work for your business, or if you want some reassurance that this will be successful for you after the pandemic, here are some best practices for managing a remote team permanently.

Managing a Remote Team Effectively and Successfully

Communication is Always Key

Communication has always been essential whether working from home or in a shared workspace. Make sure you have an internal chat system in place, so every team member has the ability to talk with one another. Also, try to hold regular virtual meetings at least daily if you can, so your team feel a sense of belonging and unity.

Virtual Remote Team Building & Socialising

This is still just as important online as it was offline, and is still just as simple! You can use your internal chat system for team building; you don’t always have to chat about work, you can still have a normal conversation, sharing personal things and playing virtual games after work.

Clear Expectations Encourages Productivity

The importance of setting clear expectations with your team is significant; this should be done at the start of remote working, but it doesn’t hurt to make them known throughout also. If your employees aren’t used to working remotely full-time, a work management platform can help you keep track of tasks and set some targets to increase productivity.

Providing Regular Feedback and Goals

Following on from the above point, by giving your employees regular feedback, you can stay on top of their work progress and make sure they are working as efficiently as possible. By utilising call recording and reporting, you can keep track and monitor staff whilst providing constructive feedback and encouragement.

Unified Communications & Collaborations (UC&C)

Collaboration tools allow your employees to know exactly where to find all the resources they need for a day’s work and allows individuals to be able to work together on projects. Software such as Wildix UC&C provides an entire suite of all the technology you need to successfully work remotely: telephony, video conferencing and integration of applications.

How Ocean Telecom Can Help Managing a Remote Team

To make sure that your remote team can work effectively, you have to start with technology. Contact us today to talk to one of our advisors about what we can offer you.