An internet connection is essential nowadays, not only for daily home life but for the business world too. That being said, how do you know which broadband service is the best for your business requirements?

With so many different options out there, it is difficult to decide. Luckily, we are here to help! Here is a helpful guide to explain the various choices and features you should consider for your business.

Types of Business Internet Connection

The internet connections available to you depend on your location as well as the service that you require from it; this is why broadband is referred to as a contended service. There are four kinds of contended services:

ADSL (Normal Broadband)

Suitable for most offices, ADSL is a copper cable that runs from the exchange to the end premises via the green street cabinet. Offering fast download spends however this generally depends on the distance from exchange and quality of the line.

FTTC (Fibre Broadband to the Cabinet)

Similar to ADSL, however, FTTC runs a fibre cable to the local cabinet. Again, speeds depend on the distance from exchange and the quality of the line, but generally the maximum speed achievable is around 80Mb download.

FTTP (Fibre Broadband to the Premises)

Offering faster speeds than ADSL and FTTC, FTTP is a fibre cable that runs from the exchange to the end premises via the green street cabinet. Using this connection, you are near enough guaranteed between 160Mb down/30 up or 330Mb down/50 up due to no copper.

G.Fast (Ultra Fast Fibre)

Essentially the same technology as FTTC but with an upgraded green street cabinet, G.Fast connection will offer faster speeds like FTTP. Between 160Mb down/30 up or 330Mb down/50 but due to the copper line, these speeds may depend on distance and quality.

Business Internet Features to Consider

Connection Speed

So, as we have highlighted above, speed is probably the main factor to consider. However, you also need to think about contention ratio; this refers to how many other businesses or households are sharing your internet connection.

For small businesses, if there are less that 30 employees per say, speed and contention ratio will probably not affect you too much – as long as you have a reliable connection, that’s the most important thing. You won’t have too much traffic and some providers actually offer lower speeds with lower contention rates which will work out better for you.

As the number of employees rise, your contention ratio should lower because your business will need to make sure they are getting optimum speeds. In fact, leased lines will be the better option for larger businesses because they are direct connections with very low contention ratios.

Download Limits

Another important consideration is how much data your business downloads on a daily basis. Many providers now include a data cap in their internet service which can vary from 10GB to unlimited. Always remember to over-estimate your usage to avoid extra charges.

If you are a small business or only use the internet to send emails and other general tasks, a data cap shouldn’t impose on your workday. However, if your company is bandwidth-intensive, an unlimited download capability is better for you, so you don’t have to worry about running into any trouble.


In order to make sure that your business is safe if you run into internet connectivity issues, make sure you choose a provider that has reliable support. Internet access is essential for the majority of businesses nowadays and downtime can cause even more problems, so identify which level of support would be best for you.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are the highest level of support available, guaranteeing connection uptime and speed of necessary repairs. Other support options include 24/7 phone numbers and call out services, online ‘tickets’ and dedicated account managers.

Business Internet Connectivity from Ocean Telecom

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