Working from home is the new normal, even after lockdown easing. Most businesses have seen how well remote working works for them, so there’s no need to change!

To make sure you and your business are both getting the most out of remote working, here are a few tips to keep you and your team as productive as possible.

Essential Tips for Working Remotely

A New Working Routine

It is human nature to love a daily routine, your body and mind both work well when you have a regularity. This may have been thrown out of whack with coronavirus, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a new one.

If your working hours are the same, your morning routine is more important than ever. Wake up at the same time, go for a walk or jog, watch the news with a cuppa, whatever works for you and stick to it every day.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Writing a to-do list at the beginning of every week can help your productivity levels massively. By incorporating times for meetings and leaving time aside for client calls, you can make sure you have put aside enough time to get stuff done.

Also, utilising the “Do Not Disturb” options on certain instant messaging apps and letting your team know you are busy will provide you with more focus and dedication.

Remember to Take Regular Breaks

Spending your working day on your own and not in an office can mean that you spend more time at your desk. This isn’t healthy so make sure you schedule in regular breaks away from your screen to stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest.

Set some reminders if you are likely to forget, label them to make a coffee or step outside for some fresh air. Plus, always remember to take your entire lunch break!

Casual Communication with Colleagues

You don’t only have to talk to your team about work-related stuff, you can still chat to them like you did in the office. Make sure you utilise your UC technology, so it is like you are still in the office, having a catch up by the water cooler and talking about everything.

Why not set up daily stand-up meetings so you can interact with them over video call, so it is even more similar to real life communication?

Identify the Best Communication Channels

Always be clear with your colleagues about how and when is best to reach you. Because we are unable to see if you are at your desk or if your internet isn’t working or if your phone has run out of battery, you need to make your colleagues aware, so your clients are too.

If you don’t have a shared calendar, invest in one so your team know when meetings are occurring or make it a habit to update them by IM every day.

At Ocean Telecom, we provide all the technology and communication channels you need to ensure that working from home works for you. From Unified Communications to Business VoIP systems, you can stay connected and productive with our help. Contact us today for more information.