Business telephony contracts are often lengthy and inflexible. Tying you geographically to the office space you are in when the initial purchase was made. If you no longer are in need of the set-up you face steep termination fees. In the case of an office move you have to front the cost of moving the system and transferring phone lines, which can be a lengthy and costly process.

These limitations exist even if you are happy with your provider and have no desire to make a change.

The path to freedom? Cloud Telephony


The nature of cloud telephony means access to your phone system is not geographically limited. You can unplug your phone from the office and plug it in at home (or anywhere with internet access). The device runs over the internet, communicates with the central system and works the same anywhere.


Overall, moving to a cloud-based system is highly cost effective. Due to its nature, technical support is done almost entirely remotely. Consequently, support engineer call out rates and material costs are a thing of the past.

The amount spent on hardware is entirely up to the customer, many systems allow you to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Which allows you to install the system user software on any device you already own (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone) and saves you from buying specialised hardware.


Recurring costs are reduce by using VoIP calls over broadband or a 4G connection as opposed to PSTN lines. Future-proof cost saving by moving to a UCC. A UCC brings together all features you will find yourself in need of in the next 2-5 years.

So instead of adding a long list of subscriptions for services such as team chat, video calling, web chat, etc. Move to a UCC or VoIP system and have it all in one place.


In conclusion, making the move to a cloud or web based phone system is a leap forward from a traditional system. It’ll give your business much more flexibility. Seamlessly transitioning from flexible/remote working to being back at the office will give customers and employees a sense on consistency.

The move will save money on call charges, future subscriptions, hardware costs, tech support fees, and protect you from the ISDN 2025 Shut-Off

If you’d like learn more about how your business could benefit from the flexibility of Cloud/Brower based systems get in touch with Ocean Telecom for a friendly chat.