Working from home is now known as the “new normal”. Although some businesses have moved back to working in a shared office space with the easing of lockdown, remote working has become a permanent solution for others.

Is this because of increased productivity levels? We wanted to have a look at the data and statistics to see if staff are actually more productive working from home.

The Definition of Productive

First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of productive. Simply put, workplace productivity is spending more time on the right work.

There are three main categories of tasks which contribute to a day at work: core work, communication and everything else. Core work refers to your job description, communication refers to contacting clients or colleagues, and everything else includes tasks such as admin.

Working from Home Productivity Statistics

Finder UK has gathered some information regarding the main benefit working from home during the Coronavirus which is increased productivity:

  • 65% of workers said they would be more productive in a home office than a normal office
  • 75% of workers say they will be more productive due to reduced distractions
  • 83% of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive
  • Two-thirds of employers report increased productivity for remote workers compared to in-office workers

Reasons Why Productivity Levels Are Higher

So, overall, the answer is yes, staff are more productive working from home. But why?

Reduced Commuting Times

People working from home will be saving the time they normally spend commuting, which can be around 5 hours a week. In turn, this extra time could be used to work and allow flexible working hours to work during their most productive hours.

No Need to Take Time Off Work

Employees are less likely to take time off from work because of the ease of working from home. Without the stress of road traffic and with the ability to get up and go straight to work, they will require fewer sick days, ultimately having a positive impact on productivity.

Less Distractions

No matter how much you love working with your team of colleagues, your office environment can be loud, and some individuals may regularly interrupt your work. Although you will still be in touch with other employees, the risk of distraction is lower, allowing you to focus and be more productive.

Essential Working from Home Technology from Ocean Telecom

By investing in the right technology and communication channels to aid working from home for your business, you will be able to see productivity levels increase across your team.

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