When starting a new business there’s thousands of things to consider. One of which is how you are going to communicate internally with your growing team and externally to your customers.

Getting a head start on this matter can save you money and time, as well as give your business the professional feel from the get-go. Especially when you take advantage of UCC technology.

What is it?

A UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) is a combination of enterprise communication tools assembled into a single interface and integrated into a single management system. Like VOIP, UCC makes calls over the internet (WiFI, 4G, Broadband).

To use our UCC you can login via browser from any device and instantly have access to your business’ communications. You can also download the app on any mobile phone device or tablet. Alternatively, traditional desk phones are also an option for those that prefer to use a handset.

Each user can be logged into multiple devices, allowing them to never miss a message/call and to never be away from their communications no matter where they are.


  • Video Calling/Conferencing
  • File Sharing
  • Team Chat
  • Screen Share (3rd party no install)
  • Geographical Phone Number
  • Unlimited minutes to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Web Chat
  • Fully CRM Integrable

How does a UCC save me money?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) gives you the option to forfeit buying hardware and use devices that you already own (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc). Features such as: file sharing, team chat, video calling, video conferencing and Webchat all save you money on not having a never-ending list of software subscriptions.

Therefore, as a business that’s starting out, you can future proof your business against any upcoming software needs all whilst covering the basics.

How can it add value?

Aside from saving money by its inclusive list of features under a single payment as opposed to many. A UCC can add monetary value via its Kite/Webchat feature. Kite RTC drastically reduces the number of clicks it takes a visitor on your website to get in touch. Displaying multiple ways of getting in touch with you or a department. You can display your current status, so people know when to get in touch, and you receive any communications directly to any device you’re logged into.  

Web RTC screenshot from Ocean Telecom Contact Us Page UCC for New Businesses

Is UCC for my New Business?

If you’ve recently started a business and are looking for a way to save money, increase sales and streamline internal and external communication, a UCC is the way to go.

Read more here or experience one of the UCC’s features yourself and get in touch