Due to the changes over the past few months we took a look at the poll results to know if the way we prefer to make and receive phone calls has changed, and if so, how?


Since the start of COVID, Ocean Telecom has seen a rise in the popularity of our UCC Solution tailored towards remote/flexible working. The nature of this solution allows users to have a choice of what device they will use to make and receive calls, often for the first time.

Naturally this is a very appealing aspect of this solution for anyone considering it. It allows you to decide how you use an important aspect of work-life and a vital tool which you spend lots of time interacting with.

The Study

The three main ways of making and answering calls are: Desk phone, Softphone, or Mobile Phone. We decided to find out which of these options is currently most popular and if it is line with the current shifts we are noticing and those we have experienced over the last twenty years.

The Poll


Desk Phone 8%

Only 8% of participants preferred using a Desk Phone. The traditional desk phone remains an attractive option for certain roles and environments. The way it works has not changed radically and its features remain the same.

Its only limiting when compared to more modern options that have been developed in recent years. Find out more

Mobile Phone 15%

Mobile Phone is the second most popular option at 15%. As the device we primarily use in our personal lives, it makes sense that all its benefits and features translate seamlessly to the professional world.

In our experience the most common objection to mobile phones is people refusing to receiving work calls on their personal device.

Soft Phone 77%

Finally, Softphone (PC or Tablet) is the most popular option. Using a single device such as a laptop, to complete all work tasks including making and receiving calls, has proven very popular in recent months.

Helping home workers feel fully engaged with their work. Softphone users can see colleagues’ status and availability. Another popular aspect is being able to make calls by highlighting and clicking a phone number.

Find out more benefits of using a Softphone here.


The Softphone has proven to be most popular. We have learnt that once users experience a Softphone, how it doesn’t require you to change device and how it operates very similarly to the communication tools we use in our personal lives. It is hard to go back to the timeless classic that is the desk phone.

As we have moved away from a world that can count on us being at a fixed location in reach of a Desk Phone. To one where we can be working from different locations each day of the week.

Is it the beginning of the end for the Desk Phone as we know it?