At Ocean Telecom we have been remotely supporting our customers for many years. Over the past months we have kept on supporting our customers throughout their transition to remote working.

Read below to get a glimpse of how we have been providing Instant, Safe and Seamless support to our customers during these trying times using our UC&C solution.

Step 1

Got to www.oceantelecom.com and click on the Contact Us tab.

This gives you many different ways you can get in touch with members of our Team at Ocean.

Find Contact Us Page on the top right corner

Step 2

Choose the member of the team you would like to speak to.

In this case, Tech Support.

Select Technical Team for Tech Support as per example

Step 3

Log in with a Name and Email address. Click Connect and you will be instantly connected, via live chat, to a member of the relevant team or person of your choice.

You’ll have the option to turn the instant messaging into a voice call, video call or screen share with (or without) control.

Login with name and support for instant, safe and seamless tech support

Step 4

Share your Screen and Control with the Support Team member assisting you. Doing so will allow them to instantly access your device, see what you see, and take control.

There is no need for any software installation, making the process of requesting and receiving tech support seamless.

Screen Sharing with Control

Step 5

Once your issue is resolved, simply close the conversation tab and get back to business!

Final Example of interaction concluding Instant, Safe and Seamless

Our customers receive the best service as our Support Teams are able to have full access to your system on demand.

Instant, Safe, and Seamless support avoids the call out charges and COVID related risks of an Engineer site visit.

If you’d like to know more about our Remote Support, give it a try for yourself by getting in touch with a member of our team on the Contact Us Page!