Video conferencing has become an essential requirement for many businesses, not only because of the pandemic but because of how easy and cost effective it is.

With all the different software options out there, it can be difficult to recognise which one is right for you. At Ocean Telecom, we believe that Wildix Video Conferencing is the superior choice compared to other well-known alternatives like Zoom, Teams and Webex. Here are some reasons why:

Why You Should Choose Wildix for Your Video Conferencing Needs

Complete Web-Based Solution

Ubiconf from Wildix is a 100% WebRTC product which means that it can be used across any device without the need for additional hardware or software to be installed, plus no pre-arranged conference rooms are needed. For just a monthly rental fee, you can organise, book and hold meetings simply and quickly.

It is a straightforward and flexible solution that works for you, whatever way you want to. You don’t need an IT engineer to set it up and it’s easy to use, all you have to do is schedule a conference through Outlook or Google and receive reminders with a link to join. You can even record the entire conference!

Safe & Secure Operation

Wildix is much more secure that other Video Conferencing solutions available, guaranteeing minimal security risks for your business. The WebRTC technology that Ubiconf uses allows secure real-time transmission of audio and video from browser to browser.

There is a reason why companies are switching to web-based video conferencing solutions. You can have the peace of mind that your communications are safe and secure from any risks with Wildix.

Enhanced User Experience

Offering additional accessories to enhance your video conferencing experience, Wildix provides businesses with hardware called the Ubiconf Huddle & Ubicolf Voice. This means that the complete Ubiconf solution will make sure you are always getting the most out of your business video conferencing technology. They also come with a 5-year warranty!

As well as this, there are a number of enhanced features available within the Wildix video conference, such as the ability to “raise hand” for attendees to ask questions, host controls to mute or remove attendees, internal chat and file share both 1-2-1 or in the group, tile view or speaker view, and the ability to stream the conference live to YouTube or Facebook.

Wildix Video Conferencing from Ocean Telecom

Choose video conferencing that works your way with the Wildix Ubiconf video conferencing solution! Contact Ocean today and we can help you set it all up and discover which additional extras are right for you.

It’s never been easier!