Video Conferencing has proven itself as a highly adaptable and widely used tool. From talking with isolated loved ones, to holding regular morning sales meetings. Both with participants dotted all over the map. Little can unite people like being able to perfectly see, hear, and collaborate.

Improved video call quality means that everyone you’re talking to you sees and hears you better.

As most communication is non-verbal, by being seen and heard better you are also communicating better.

So…What is the best way to be seen and heard in 2020?

Huddle, How?

All you need is a PC to connect a Wizyconf Huddle Room via USB. Additionally a Wizyconf-Voice speakerphone that supports up to 2 additional mics. This set-up ensures optimal audio and video performance.

The videoconference solution is based on pure WebRTC (Real Time Communication). Accessible via a web browser for both, internal and external users without having to install any software.

Why Huddle?

Ubiconf Huddle-Room is the collaborative space of the future. The perfect teleconferencing system for small rooms where 3-5 people gather to discuss, strategize, and make decisions.

Wildix is much more secure that other Video Conferencing solutions available. Therefore, it guarantees minimal security risks for your business. The WebRTC technology that Ubiconf uses allows secure, real-time transmission, from browser to browser.

Can You Huddle?

The only thing standing in your way of enjoying the benefits of the Huddle is speed of your broadband. To ensure the highest call quality, your internet speeds need to be fast enough. Not only that, it’s also important that it’s not over encumbered by too many devices!

Use the below links to asses your broaband:

See what speeds you currently have HERE

See what speeds are available to you HERE

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