It has not been confirmed but it is likely there will be some sort of national lockdown again soon. From being told to work from home, then go back into the office, to now working from home again, it is difficult to know what the future holds.

However, there are always ways you can make sure that your business is prepared for whatever consequences COVID-19 brings.

How to Prepare for Another Lockdown

Effective Remote Team Management

Even if you have been working remotely for months now, it is still important to reassess your strategies and make sure that you are managing your remote team as effectively as possible. Always remember:

  • Communicate – Communication is key, so make sure you have an efficient instant messaging and VoIP system in place to talk to both employees and clients.
  • Virtual Team Building – These communication tools shouldn’t just be for work either, it is important to socialise with your team as well.
  • Setting Goals – Make sure your team is aware of your expectations and what goals they are looking to achieve to ensure maximum productivity; this could also come from a work management platform.
  • Regular Feedback – Give your team regular feedback on their performance so both parties are on the same page. Call recording and reporting are great ways to track and monitor in order to give constructive feedback as well as praise.

Unified Communications & Collaborations (UC&C)

All of the points above can be achieved most by utilising UC&C software, such as Wildix. Providing an entire suite of all the technology you need to work remotely, and successfully, it will help you feel prepared for absolutely anything. The software includes telephony, video conferencing and integration of applications.

Benefits of Wildix for Remote Working

  • Completely Web-Based – You don’t need any additional hardware or software to use Wildix as it is completely web-based. It can therefore be used across any device, providing flexibility and simplicity.
  • Safe & Secure – Your communications are safe and secure from any risks as the Wildix technology uses allows secure real-time transmission of audio and video from browser to browser. It is one of the most secure solutions available!
  • Additional Accessories – Wildix is much more than a video conferencing technology, it offers a number of additional accessories and tools that can help your remote team be as efficient as possible.

Reliable Remote Support from Ocean Telecom

For many years, Ocean Telecom have been remotely supporting customer and that hasn’t stopped over these past few months. We are here and on hand to help with every transition to remote working.

We strive to provide instant, safe and seamless support to every customer using our UC&C solution. Find out more information here.

To make sure that you are ready if another lockdown occurs, make sure your business has these three things completed. Come to Ocean Telecom for all your remote working technology needs and support – contact us today to discuss your requirements.