Wildix has done it again!

You to can enable teamwork the award winning way! This year alone Wildix has been recognised for innovation, teleworking, and has now been endorsed further by being awarded “Best telephony solution” for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Enable teamwork the award winning way!

Looking for a better way to engage customers and enhance teamwork?

Wildix from Ocean Telecom is a World leader in WebRTC, and ranks amongst the most innovative communication and collaboration platforms available. Ocean Telecom are an accredited Wildix Gold partner.

This year has seen a dramatic rise in the need for businesses to work in new ways. With staff in remote locations, maintaining a cohesive team ethic can be difficult. Its incredibly important to keep the team together and pulling in the same direction, and that’s where Wildix leads the way! Wildix allows teams to interact like never before, but not just between themselves. By working with WebRTC, your team can increase sales, customers service levels, and overall customer satisfaction.

Find out more about how Wildix from Ocean Telecom can transform your communications. Enable teamwork the award winning way, Talk to one of our team.