The benefits of using your mobile for business calls are many and mobile-only users have been prevalent since the invention of the mobile phone. Despite being invented 47 years ago, users are still searching for the ideal business mobile.

There are only a few afflictions that plague the mobile business user, one is when you are in an area where your carrier has poor signal you are unreachable.

Calls held with customers are required to be recorded due to changes in certain industries. This is not a feature that is readily available and network providers charge a fortune for recording storage.

Our partners at Pragma have worked hard to come up with a solution for few pitfalls of the mobile phone use for business.

Enter iPECS Mobile, the Ideal Business Mobile

Coverage Everywhere

It’s common occurrence in the UK that two people can be standing side by side, one has full mobile coverage and the other has none.

This is due to the fact that each provider utilises different infrastructure. Which leads to some locations being hit and miss, depending on your carrier. With very few places being completely without coverage of any sort.

iPecs Mobile capitalises on the latter point. By automatically switching users to the carrier with the strongest signal it guarantees they are never without the ability to make and receive calls.

Regulation Call Recording

Certain industries are obliged to record all calls/conversations they have with clients. Traditionally this was achieved by having customers exclusively call into the office. By routing the call via the office based phone system, the recording and storage of any call was taken care of.

However, nowadays people in such industries may choose to exclusively take calls on their mobiles for a variety of reason. Not only does it give a more accessible approach to their clients, but they are also guaranteed to not miss any calls, regardless of where they may find themselves throughout the day.

iPecs Mobile records calls and stores them in the cloud, allowing you to access or download them at any time. This in turn means there is no need to install a battery draining app, manually activate recording whilst on a call or worry about long calls taking up the limited space on your mobile device.

Future-Proof Features

iPecs Mobile “patches” the few drawbacks of business mobiles, it also provides users with the following next-generation features:

  • Display any CLI or DDI when calling from a Mobile
  • eSim compatible, meaning it is compatible with lastest-gen dual-sim phones
  • Be part of the office VoIP system as a normal user (call groups, voicemails, ext number, etc).
  • No need to download an app onto the business mobile device
  • Direct internal calls to the office simply by dialling the extension number

The Ideal Solution for You?

iPecs Mobile is the ideal business mobile for anyone heavily dependant on using their mobile for work. No longer will users miss important calls on account of poor signal. Leaving them wishing they were with another carrier.

You can comply with industry standards and record calls with clients to no detriment to your device’s storage capacities. Users on the road can be programmed into the office VoIP system. Allowing them to dial their colleagues via extensions, transfer calls and access voicemail as if they had a desk phone.

If you’d like to have a conversation about iPecs Mobile or similar solutions don’t hesitate to get in touch