A disaster recovery plan is more important than ever with workplace environments completely shifting in the last year. Reliance on the internet and remote working solutions has skyrocketed and should not be taken for granted.

Furthermore, business mobiles are essential for business continuity, especially now. Whether you have been constantly switching from remote working to office working or if unexpected disaster strikes, your business mobile can save your communication channels and work tasks.

Not only this, but business mobiles have significantly helped employees adapt to new working environments. Here’s how and why they are so important:

Reasons Why Business Mobiles are Vital for Remote Working

Reliable Communication Channels

As mentioned above, if disaster strikes, your business mobile will maintain business continuity and ensure your communication channels will still be operative. Lines of communication between employees and to clients themselves will continue to run smoothly due to the ability to connect to either mobile data networks or WiFi.

Mobile Unified Communication & Collaboration

Business mobiles aren’t only used for phone calls, they can also be used for other work tasks, file sharing, video conferencing, sending emails, etc. Most mobile phones are just as powerful as computers, so these devices give employees the ability to work wherever they want or need. Once again, if disaster strikes, all files and methods of working will be safely stored on your mobile device so you can continue to work no matter what.

Effective Work/Life Balance for Employees

The move to remote working was a shock to the system for most and it’s still hard to get used to for some. By having a separate business mobile to your personal phone means employees can clearly separate both, even though they are occurring under the same roof. Switching off a business mobile at the end of the day reduces stress, distraction, and allows employees to switch off themselves.

Business Mobiles from Ocean Telecom

At Ocean Telecom, we can help you find the perfect business mobiles for you. This includes the handset and the tariff that works best for your business, so you can ensure that your team will be able to work remotely effectively.

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