Ofcom are introducing some new rules which will come into action at the end of the year. One of which is that every UK mobile network will be banned from selling locked handsets, meaning many customers will be able to switch plans a lot easier.

Who Sells Locked Handsets and Why?

O2, Sky, Three and Virgin already sell unlocked handsets, so only the networks that still sell locked handsets will be affected by this new regulation; this includes EE, Vodafone and Tesco Mobile.

Vodafone and EE have responded to these changes with their support and compliance, stating that they will be ready to implement the changes and work with Ofcom when they come into force in December 2021.

Locked handsets were believed to help avoid theft and fraud, however, they seemed to incur other problems instead.

Problems with Locked Handsets

Locked handsets have caused many problems for people trying to switch plans once their phone contract ends.

First of all, not many people are aware that their phone is locked, so the beginning of the switching process is already held up by this revelation and results in an immediate loss of service.

Next, it costs money for phones to be unlocked which is an unwanted expense and this process is not always instant or smooth sailing. Many people experience difficulties during the switch including delays in receiving the code to trigger the switch and even this code not working.

Overall, it is clear to see that Ofcom have introduced this ban in order to save people time and money, both on unlocking handsets and switching to better, cheaper contracts.

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