Face-to-face meetings have transitioned to video conferences over the last year due to the pandemic. Revealed to be a great way to save time, money and to grow international business relationships, there’s no doubt that video conferencing technology will continue to be essential for work in the future.

However, no matter how long you have been utilising this communication channel, with the somewhat repetitive lockdown lifestyle we are currently in, it’s important to keep your video conference interesting as well as informative.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your video calls.

Things to Remember When Running a Video Conference

Always Be Prepared

Preparation is always key and there are a number of things you can do beforehand to make sure you are organised, and the conference runs smoothly.

Remove Any Potential Distractions

Potential distractions include other members of your household interrupting or making unwanted background noise, so make sure to inform them you will be hosting a conference. Ensure that your mobile phone is on silent to avoid any disruptions and also make sure there are no obstacles around your camera that could potentially distract other participants.

Create and Distribute an Agenda

In order to make sure every participant is prepared, it is a great idea to send out an agenda before the conference. As well as this, create your own individual agenda along with a list of questions, so you can keep the conference interactive and engaging.

Choose an Appropriate Venue & Attire

Either choose an appropriate, professional venue when setting up your video conference, or make sure a suitable virtual background is set up. In additional to a professional setting, you need to make sure that you are also dressed appropriately too.

Test & Organise Your Content

It is always worthwhile to run through your content beforehand, so you feel confident in your pitch and you know what to expect. If you have any files or videos you need to share with the group, make sure they are on your screen ready to go so there is no fumbling.

Imagine It’s a Face-to-Face Meeting

Obviously, remote working is so different from office working but it’s a good trick to get into the mindset that a video conference is an in-person meeting.

Even though there will be multiple faces on a screen while you’re leading, make sure to look directly into the camera to make eye contact with every member. Also, if there is a long pause, maybe after you asked a question or participants are reading the agenda, try to keep the conversation flowing and the meeting lively.

Show Off Your Presentation Skills

Don’t hold back in a video conference, it’s more important than ever to be enthusiastic and add excitement! Show off your presentation skills to the best of your abilities and encourage your participants to engage with you, each other, and the meeting topic. Communicate information through conversation rather than text on a screen and embrace your usual hand movements rather than hold it back.

Choose the Right Video Conference Software

Probably the most important thing when it comes to running a video conference is to make sure that you choose the best software for it. All-in-one video hosting platforms, such as Wildix, offer an easy-to-use solution and guarantee a high-quality video call.

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