Video calling and conferencing has become vital during this uncertain time, but not just for keeping in touch with clients. Communication with your staff is incredibly important and video enhances this while providing even further benefits.

Do you regularly video call your employees? Here are some reasons why you should.

Benefits of Regular Internal Video Calling

Avoid Loneliness Amongst the Team

Mental health and wellbeing have been in the spotlight especially since the pandemic begun. An anxious and stressful time for all, it’s been more important than ever to look out for one another and provide support wherever we can – This is where video calling comes in.

Working remotely can become isolating and lonely at times, seriously impacting employee mental wellbeing. Video calling is a more engaging form of communication because along with the tone of voice, you can also interpret body language and facial expressions. It helps your staff feel included and involved with team and contributes to overall work satisfaction.

Strengthen Working Relationships

Following on from the point above, the more engaged a team is, the more valued working relationships will be. Video calling brings your team closer together, enhancing the personal connection and adding the essential social element you need.

As well as this, it is also a great tool for collaboration and, by providing that vital communication technology, it helps employees work together and encourages cooperation. All of these aspects strengthen and improve working relationships amongst the team as a whole.

Continue the Camaraderie

Team bonding stems from camaraderie and although it may not be seen as an essential element of the workplace, it is definitely very important. Even more so is to keep this alive during remote working and working from home.

If you had to transition from the office to remote working due to the pandemic, video calling helps keep the closeness and the friendships alive. Talking over webcam regularly nourishes the connections you have made with your work team and, in turn, this will maintain happiness and employee retention.

Promote Positivity with Video Calling & Communication

There has been a huge increase in video calling internally with staff and there’s no doubt why. If you haven’t implemented it in your company yet, now is the time to do so! If you’re looking for the perfect video conferencing technology for your team, we can help.

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