Is it time to update your old school legacy phone system? As the technological world is developing, schools shouldn’t be left behind! Switching to cloud telecoms can bring many benefits to staff, students and parents.

Read more about why cloud-based telecoms work well for all schools.

Benefits of Cloud Telecoms for Schools

Connecting Your School as a Whole

If your school has a large premises or has multiple buildings and different sites, cloud-based telecoms are a great way to keep everyone connected. No matter what the distance, your staff will have the freedom to make phone calls without being tied to a desk. Plus, the call quality will be just as good, if not better, than the traditional landline system.

Improved Remote Working Capabilities

After the year we have had, the ability to be able to work from our homes has been incredibly important, vital in some cases, especially for schools. Who knows if similar circumstances could reoccur, so it is essential that your staff are still accessible by being connected to the same cloud-based telecom system. This is also beneficial when staff are not always in the office, when they are attending conferences, courses or school trips.

A Scalable & Flexible Option for Your School

One great advantage of switching to cloud telecoms is the ease of expansion and updating. Traditional legacy systems would require a lot more time and effort to add more lines onto the system and to update the system itself. With cloud telecoms, it is quick, easy and cost-effective to add more users, and updates can even occur automatically.

Increased Productivity Levels

Everybody knows that communication is key and with cloud-based telecoms, communication is seamless allowing operations to always run smoothly. With no hiccups, dodgy lines or inaccessibility, productivity amongst staff will be improved and there will be less disruptions during the day-to-day. Also, communication between staff and students or parents will also be improved with a much more reliable telephone system.

Cloud-Based VoIP for Schools from Ocean Telecom

Cloud telecoms have been proven popular for a number of businesses over the years and schools should take advantage too! You get so much more with VoIP telephone systems and at an affordable price, so what are you waiting for?

Take a look at what we have to offer here or get in touch with us directly so we can find a system that suits your requirements.