The healthcare sector has faced a huge number of challenges this year due to the pandemic, including a significantly increased volume of calls, patient complaints, and long waiting times. Add this all up and it amounts to an intense pressure on staff amongst the other stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

At Ocean Telecom, we have recognised this and wanted to design a telecom solution specifically for this industry in order to ease this pressure and stress both now and in the future.

Ocean Telecom’s Healthcare Telecom Solutions

Ocean Auto Health Reception

Our Auto Health Reception consists of 3 different levels to cater for each different approach:

  1. Proactive: The proactive approach consists of automatic patient call routing and messaging, depending on the time of day. Each caller is given a number in the queue, creating a system that is organised and, therefore, proactive.
  2. Self-Service: The self-service approach has been designed to work around the patient, so they are able to request a call back without losing their position in the queue. This means they can continue with their day-to-day activities while waiting.
  3. Human: The human approach has been designed to enhance patient interaction with surgery staff when it comes to booking appointments, receiving test results, ordering repeat prescriptions or organising COVID-19 jabs.

Features of Auto Health Reception

There are a variety of features included in this healthcare telecom solution in order to tackle every challenge GP’s face on a daily basis.

Medical Queue Buster

At the prime time of 8am when patients are calling in to book appointments, all inbound calls are transferred to surgery staff as well as the medical queue buster. This helps to cater to patient frustration, giving reassurance that they will be seen to, and their health is important to the surgery.

Patient Caller

The patient caller feature speeds up dialling by being able to call patients with just a click of a button. Being available from our clinical system, you are able to click dial directly from this and from any application on your PC’s.

Patient Record

Productivity is significantly increased with our patient record feature as everything you need from your patient calls is available within this system. By recording every inbound and outbound call, you can store every call and easily access them whenever you need to. This could be for evidence in a dispute, replaying due to bad quality or language barriers, or for staff training.

Patient Report

This live dashboard shows real-time queues, call duration and caller ID, so everything you need is right in front of you. It also analyses performance over time to create specific statistics for your team, so you can alter your strategy if necessary.

GP Video Triage

By providing video calling facilities, it provides a flexible and mobile way of seeing patients. Appointments will be near enough instant due to no travel time and, consequently, it will lead to faster diagnosis which results in a more efficient triage.

W Air Medical Handset

The W Air Medical Handset is specifically designed for medical use with its IP65 rating and anti-bacterial coating. The handset has speaker buttons too which allows hands-free conversations and prevents virus spreading.

How Can Technology Help with Staff Safety?

After many reports of patient-staff abuse and harassment over the years, technology has stepped in to help prevent rising cases.

In addition to call recording being admissible in court, if necessary, other technological improvements that help are video door phones and secure remote door release. This gives staff the option to let patients enter or not, depending on their disposition. Also, “panic” buttons can be installed which instantly call a security team with a single press.

Ocean Telecom Solutions for Healthcare

Not only have we designed these telecom solutions to help with challenges faced this year, but also to continue to help in the future. This technology enables location diversity which means that doctors and surgery staff have the ability to introduce flexible working as they will be contactable anywhere.

Are you interested in these healthcare telecom solutions for your GP surgery? Contact our team today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.