With the stress of moving back to the office after lockdown or moving to a completely new premises, why would you then add more stress by waiting until moving day to sort your business phone system out?

Cloud telecoms instantly remove this stress for you, especially when it’s all been set up before you move.

Reasons to Choose Cloud Telecoms Before You Move

It Is Portable & Flexible Technology

Cloud telecoms are set up using just an internet connection, so wherever there is an internet connection, you will be automatically set up. It won’t matter that you’re moving to a different internet connection as it is completely portable. Your phone system will go wherever you will go as it will work around you.

It Is Quick to Install & Set Up

No matter when you decide to install cloud telecoms, the installation is always quick. Compared to the 30 working-day lead times for trunks to be installed with ISDN lines, cloud telecoms are a lot quicker because all you need is your data network and internet in place for set up. Even if you do decide to sort them out last minute, there is no rush!

It Is Scalable & Will Grow with Your Business

If you want to wait to sort your telephone solution out because you are aware that your team may grow in the future, you don’t have to. With cloud telecoms, it is a scalable solution that will grow alongside your business, easily and efficiently. All you have to do is set up the phones you need now and add more as and when you need them.

It Allows You to Keep the Same Phone Number

With traditional phone lines, when you moved offices, the chances of keeping your same phone number depended on whether you still remained in the same unit and cluster on your local exchange. Luckily, with cloud telecoms, you can take your same phone numbers wherever you go, no matter your location.

Business Cloud Telecoms from Ocean Telecom

At Ocean Telecom, we take pride in the installation of cloud phone systems, and we believe that you shouldn’t wait until you move to get these set up for your business. If you choose to set up your cloud telecoms today, you will reap the benefits of our dedicated support and telephone system maintenance.

Get in touch with us today via the contact page or by calling us on 01284 771555 to discuss your business telecoms requirements.