With the ISDN and PSTN switch off fast approaching, the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading the way for business connectivity with new SIM connections. The number of devices being connected is set to rise to 30 billion by the switch off in 2025, meaning a large proportion of the population will be connected to the internet.

Businesses already rely on internet connectivity for a number of things, so what do IoT SIM connections have to offer?

Everything You Need to Know About IoT SIM Connections

What Are IoT SIM Connections?

Although it starts with a SIM card, IoT SIM connections are completely different. Instead of relying on a single network like our regular SIM cards, they are built on multi-network technology and connects to the strongest network currently available.

What Are the Business Benefits?


With 4 networks connected to one SIM, there is added resilience, no matter where your customer is located geographically.

All-in-One Contract

You don’t have to look at several Mobile Network Operators (MNO) for coverage, it is all under one easy contract for all services.

Bill Shock Eliminated

You will receive alerts at both 80% and 100% usage of data, so the risk of data over-usage is eliminated. The data is in real-time, unlike all MNO’s that are 24 hours behind, so it will proactively advise you if a top up is required before a bill is generated.

Added Security

The ability to lock the SIM to a certain device means that this SIM can’t be used on other devices. This benefit is two-fold as not only does it keep your connection secure, but it also saves money on data and avoids overages.

How Can I Get an IoT SIM Connection for My Business?

We are pleased to announce that IoT SIM Connections are now available from us! By coming to Ocean Telecom and discussing your requirements with one of our team members, we can deliver the best Business Mobile and IoT SIM for you.

Get in touch with us today via the contact page or by calling us directly on 01284 771555.