Video Conferencing has been growing at an exponential rate over the last couple of years, with more software and hardware options becoming increasingly available. Driven by working remotely, in-person meetings are set to fall even further over the next few years, with video conferencing to become the primary way of meeting.

There’s no doubt this is the case with technology such as Wildix’s Wizyconf Huddle-Room leading the way in innovative remote solutions.

What is Wildix Wizyconf?

Wildix have created a dedicated video conferencing solution that comprises of different options to suit your business requirements. From Wizyconf Anywhere to Wizyconf Conference Room and Wizyconf Huddle-Room, this technology combines hardware and software to deliver a simple answer to your video conferencing needs.

Benefits of Wizyconf

Easy to Use

Wizyconf has been designed to be the simplest video conferencing solution on the market, so anyone can use it without the need for training. Easy to navigate, initiate and join conferences, Wizyconf is accessible for everyone.

Safe & Secure

Wizyconf provides a safe user-to-user connection with added security of built-in encryption. This ensures that every video conference you partake in will be 100% safe and secure.

Complete Connectivity

With the ability to connect to devices, such as computers, tablets and mobiles, as well as other Wizyconf hardware, video conferencing is easily accessible and available for everyone. Even users without a Wildix license can join!

Features of Wizyconf Huddle-Room

The Wizyconf Huddle-Room is a video conference unit that is portable and works on any platform, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Wildix. Ideal for small rooms and conferences consisting of 3-5 people, the Wizyconf Huddle-Room has been built to enhance the video conferencing experience.

Wizyconf Huddle-Room features include:

  • Full HD Webcam (1080p) with a 120° super-wide field of view, so every individual fits into the frame
  • 360° microphone, so every individual can be heard clearly
  • USB cable for power supply and data transmission, so requires USB-enabled device for use
  • Portable case for easy transportation, so you can video conference from any location

External users are able to join a video conference by clicking on a link shared by the host and can access the conference using only audio by calling a phone number.

Wizyconf Huddle-Room from Ocean Telecom

At Ocean Telecom, we are pleased to be able to offer the Wizyconf Huddle-Room to our customers who are looking for an easy video conferencing solution for their business.

Contact us today for more information.