Multi-site businesses don’t necessarily refer to multiple offices across the county, country, or the world; it may indicate different department locations or remote working too. If your current telephony solution is limiting and doesn’t cater to multi-site businesses, it could be time to change to cloud telecoms.

Benefits of Cloud Telecoms for Multi-Site Businesses

Flexibility for Flexible Working

As we are back to working in the office after the pandemic, many businesses are still offering the flexibility of remote working. Cloud telecoms can make this as flexible as possible with the ability to seamlessly move between locations without any compromise to connection. All users can be linked wherever they are located, as long as they are connected to the internet, and all users can move from location to location without losing connection.

Add/Remove Locations Hassle-free

Whether you are adding more sites to your business or are reducing the number of sites, cloud telecoms are able to accommodate your every need. With the ability to easily scale up or scale down, businesses can add or remove users as required quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t matter if you’re adding users in a new location or removing them from a current one, these are hassle-free actions due to cloud telecoms adapting to your business.

One Collective, Affordable Cost

Although you may be operating across different locations, you don’t have separate costs for each one. As your calls are made over the internet, all you will pay for is the internet connection and a cost per user – this cost is one payment for your entire business so it is consistent and you can keep up. Cloud telecoms nowadays include a number of features within the price too, so you get even more value for money.

Cloud Telecoms from Ocean Telecom

Are you looking for a better telephony solution for your multi-site business? Ocean Telecom can help you out with a cloud-based phone system tailored to your business requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you.