3 years from now marks the beginning of a forced migration phase from PSTN and ISDN to digital – and next year will see the complete stop sell of these traditional products. Have you made the transition within your business yet? The clock is ticking towards the ISDN switch off and preparation is key, so make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute.

Reap the benefits of digital technology today, what are you waiting for?

ISDN Switch Off Q&A

Why Should I Make the Switch Now?

The ISDN switch off announcement was before the global pandemic and the acceleration of digital technologies between 2020 and the present day just proves that this is very much required in our way of living and working. This means that PSTN and ISDN infrastructure is becoming outdated and therefore will not be able to keep up with these new demands and modern communication. Do you want to get left behind?

Even though the switch off is 3 years away, there’s a lot to sort out and get used to, so don’t waste any more time. It’s not just your phone lines you’ve got to upgrade, it’s everything else that is connected to these like door entry systems, CCTV and alarms. If you have not embraced the digital way of working in the cloud yet, the time is now. Join other businesses who have already made the switch!

Is Digital Actually Better Than PSTN/ISDN?

Yes, it is. PSTN cannot compete with the rapidly increasing demands from users but digital can. Also, cloud communications give you more freedom and more opportunity to grow and increase productivity. Imagine being able to make calls and take calls on any device and from any location. Imagine accessing business resources from any device and from any location. Imagine paying less for your business communication system but getting so much more.

That’s how much better digital is than PSTN/ISDN.

How Long Does It Take to Switch?

Depending on your current infrastructure, the process will take a couple of weeks. If you have a trusted team by yourself to help you though, this time will fly by and be an absolute breeze. Ocean Telecom can not only help you find the perfect cloud system for you and your business, but we can help migrate and set up so you can get settled in straight away.

Get in touch with us today or browse our flexible business phone options or UCC products to see for yourself.