A quick answer is no, on-premises phone systems aren’t dead but it’s clear to see that there will be very few on-premises options left in the next few years.

With more people relying on their mobile devices for communication and businesses moving over to the cloud, it seems landlines and wired phones may become obsolete soon. However, there are still a small number of companies using PBX systems that are keeping the technology alive.

Why Do Businesses Still Use On-Premises Phone Systems?

Establishing Work/Life Balance

Some choose to use on-premises phone systems so colleagues have a clear work/life separation. Taking home your work phone blurs this line, so keeping your handset in the office ensures it is kept away from your personal life.   

Signal & Bandwidth

PBX phone systems are more reliable when it comes to signal and bandwidth for calls; this also makes them more dependable for transferring calls. Handsets don’t need to rely on the mobile network to carry voice or data traffic so there is no risk of poor signal or network outages and there is enough bandwidth to handle demands.

Security & Support

Using mobile handsets requires a new level of security as you are not just securing your network connection, but the device and the data on it too. Also, compared to using on-premises systems, you will not have a dedicated support team to contact when you’re having any issues with your call quality or security.

Why Are Businesses Moving to the Cloud?

Remote Working & Convenience

After the pandemic and the move to working from home, PBX systems were not adaptable and many businesses moved to wireless mobile devices instead. This meant that their business phone system had to be moved to the cloud in order to facilitate a widely spread team. As well as this, mobile phones are a lot easier to carry around which makes it more convenient when clients or colleagues need to get in touch with each other.

Evolution of VoIP Systems

VoIP systems have actually been around since the 1970’s, but over the recent years have significantly advanced to handle our everchanging needs and requirements. They have accommodated our move from office working, to remote working and hybrid working. Additionally, the technology has enhanced the quality of service and cost advantages of wireless business phone systems.

ISDN Switch Off

PSTN and ISDN infrastructure is not only becoming outdated but there will be a forced migration in 2025 for all traditional products using this network. So, with the national phone network being replaced by digital, it makes sense to switch to the cloud rather than wait until the last minute when you have to.

Business On-Premises Phone Systems & VoIP Solutions

Although they aren’t dead yet, it’s safe to say that the cloud will be the only way businesses can utilise their phone lines beyond 2025. At Ocean Telecom, we provide a wide range of services that help you find the best communication method for your company. Whether it be an on-premises phone system, business mobiles or cloud-based VoIP, we’ve got you covered.

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